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I help overwhelmed property owners get control over their yards and create spaces they love, while increasing curb appeal & property value... 

Jared Fehr, Garden Design

- Jared Fehr -
Horticulturist & Owner
ProHortiCo Green Solutions Inc. 

Jared Fehr - Horticulturist
Like a Family Dr. - For Your yard...
Jared has always loved horticulture, and is a life long outdoor enthusiast, public speaker, snowboarder, husband, and father.

As an industry professional since 2001, horticulture graduate, landscape business owner, climbing arborist, and past grounds manager for Lakeland College in Alberta Canada; Jared is passionate about two things:

1) Helping you succeed with your Gardens, Landscapes & Trees
2) And, Preserving the history of symbolic trees

Jared loves what he does, has a heart for helping people, and wants to help you succeed with your yard, whatever the help you need!

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  I've put together a simple, but effective Landscape & Garden Design Checklist to help you get started on your yard today...
This checklist will help you clarify your vision and have confidence in what you need to do in your yard!

"I'd like people to know one thing about me;  I have your best interests at heart
I would never offer anything to you that I don't believe is helpful, or that i wouldn't do for myself, I will even direct you to a competitor if i believe it's in your best interest...
My services aren't for everyone, but I can help a lot of people.
I've seen too many shady 'landscapers & Tree Workers' perform sub-par workmanship and destroy trees with 'pruning'; I want to help you avoid that heartache...  I feel sick to my stomach when I hear stories of people taken advantage of."
- Jared Fehr - 
Landscape & Garden: I Can Help You...
  • Become Your Own Expert: You can become a garden guru, your yard the envy of your street and you'll be a marvel to all who wonder how you became such an amazing gardener!
  • Hire A Design Expert: If you simply want a professional to step in and help you design your landscape for you, but you can do the work yourself; we can help you find a design professional.
  • Hire A Contractor: If you need a complete landscape design and installation service, we can help you find a professional who can best serve you!

Have peace of mind in knowing that I have your best interests at heart; I will help you learn what you need to know, or put you in touch with who you need to know.

Does This Sound Like A Problem You Have?

  • I know next to nothing about gardening...
  • I have a huge vision, but no plan or direction how to get there...
  • Even though I was keen on gardening, I was overwhelmed...
  • I created more work than was practical for me to maintain...
  • It's kind of frustrating that the designer responded to my request to minimize the bed with insistence that it would ruin the design...
  • I do have a kid which is another reason I thought it was crazy to put in an expensive bed...

I can help you get started TODAY!

"I just started my first flower bed - at age 41!  I've wanted to for a long time, but was nervous to start.  I planted my first two flowers. I was thinking the bed looks pretty bare, but you're right!  I need to enjoy it everyday as it looks on that day..."

Tree Care: I Can Help You
  • Prune Your Trees: I love pruning trees and keeping them in prime condition.  If you have trees that you love, please don't let just anyone come along and prune them.  Trees take decades, centuries, and even millennia to grow... and mere seconds to ruin with improper pruning practices.  I give your trees the proper respect they deserve.
  • Remove Hazardous Trees: There are numerous reasons why a tree may have to be removed, although it's never preferred, sometimes it is required - I do this work diligently, and with a lot of care and courtesy for you and your property.
  • Find An Arborist: If I can't personally serve you, I can definitely help you locate a reputable tree service professional in your area... Remember, there are some unscrupulous 'tree care' companies with owners who have zero horticultural training, and who don't know how to properly prune trees.  Anytime you hear the words "Tree Topping" or "Tree Cutting" services advertised, please try to find another company that has actual trained arborists or horticulturists on staff; and preferably businesses that have ISA or TCIA Certified staff on board.
The Candle Artist: My Passion Project
It all started in 2010 when I made my first 'tree candle', and continued as a hobby until 2019 when I created my first truly impacting candle:

"I worked for a woman who's mother was dying of Alzheimer's Disease, a woman who used to love sitting under a tree in her yard that was also now dying... I took some of the wood from that tree and made my customer a custom candle as a memento - I gave it to her for Christmas, and I found out that her mother had passed away the month before.  It was a perfect way to honour her mother, and the symbolism contained in that tree."

Now, in 2020 - I started a project to create 100% Beeswax Candles out of highly symbolic trees from around the world.


The Best Horticulturists & Arborists Are Well Versed, And Naturally Talented In Both Science And Art - A Requirement In Order To Create Both Healthy & Beautiful Landscapes.

"Beauty Is Valued By All, But It's Creation Is Pursued By Few... Professional Artists Walk A Tumultuous Path, Often Discouraged By Others, Yet They Can Not - Not Create - Until Their Creation Is Revealed... And Horticulture - It Exists Between Science And Art." 
- Jared Fehr - 
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